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  • Syndicate Minerals is an exploration company based in Melbourne

    We are dedicated to the highest environmental and community standards in our work.

    Honouring and respecting the traditional owners of our land

    All our activities will involve a detailed process of engagement with traditional owners of the land in question and no work will take place until there has been a satisfactory process and agreement reached.

    Supporting rural communities and landowners

    There is no exploration permitted on private land without the written consent of the landowner, which would include a compensation agreement. When the lockdown due to COVID19 subsides, we will be personally looking to meet community members and landowners to discuss our non-ground disturbing exploration work prior to commencing. In the mean time please get in touch with us directly with any concerns or questions using the form below.

    Proactive involvement in protecting and enhancing natural habitat

    Natural resource exploration and mining should not lead to environmental degradation or damage. The mining industry should in fact lead a positive role in funding habitat restoration and protection. Once the COVID19 lockdown ends we will be actively engaging with local land care and environmental groups to play a positive and proactive role in preserving our natural environments. If you have suggestions or concerns about environmental aspects of future exploration please get in touch using the form below, we’d love to hear from you.

    Environmental impact minimisation

    We are exploring for metals with modern technologies and striving to achieve a minimal environmental footprint while providing the vital metals required to ensure a renewable energy future. If you have any concerns or suggestions about environmental practices and mining please get in touch using the form below.

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